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The Green Ninja : World’s First Climate Action Superhero

A climate scientist and Google Science Communication Fellow who works at San Jose State University (SJSU), Eugene Cordero is passionate about what he calls “science that matters to society.” Cordero’s aim is to reduce annual carbon emissions by 1 million tons using the power of a climate-action superhero called the Green Ninja. The Green Ninja comes to life in a series of videos and social media tools designed to educate and inspire action to reduce our carbon footprint. Cordero is also co-author of the book Cool Cuisine: Taking the Bite out of Global Warming.

Co-work and Accelerate Your Startup

88mph, the largest co-working space in Africa, is also home to a new accelerator for business startups. With the help of up to 24k in seed financing, for a 6-18% stake in your company, you can bring your idea to reality. Deadline is August 15th, apply here.

The speed at which the mobile internet has reached the markets of Africa, now at 274 million Africans on Edge or 3G, has created a huge demand for local applications and services catering to the young and growing middle classes of Africa. Kresten Buch, founder of 88mph comments, “Looking 2-5 years ahead, the US and Europe will be stagnating at best. I think the biggest opportunities for return on investment will be in Africa and other emerging markets. Our accelerator program is a great opportunity for international tech entrepreneurs and returning diaspora to come, take advantage of the insane growth here, and work on solving some really interesting problems.”

For school lunch, you might have a dollar to spend. How much food does that really buy? In a recent photography project, “The Value of a Dollar” depicts just that, and yes, a dollar is the budget per student in the United States. Continue reading.