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Greening The New Republic

So I realize that most of you probably know more about the ‘green’ movement, ‘sustainability’, global warming, etc, than the average reader of The New Republic – but I still thought these videos were worth checking out. Especially when Majora Carter is involved – as she is a ninja extraordinaire.

::videos via The New Republic‘s Environment + Energy section::

Vulcan Projecct: Texas Takes the Cake


Here’s a map put together by scientists at Purdue University’s Vulcan Project of 2002 CO2 emissions per capita [click on the map for a high-res version]. So…is anyone surprised that Texas is the reddest state? I thought not. Interestingly, here is a map of CO2 concentration with out accounting for population density, which looks pretty much identical to a population map.  It also looks to be almost inversely proportional to the population map, which presents fairly good evidence that dense urban living is the most carbon efficient way to go.


Here’s a 2000 US Census Bureau population map for comparison:

Read the rest at WIRED, World Changing & catch an introductory video from the scientists at the Vulcan Project website.

MNP Earf Day Bonanza


Happy Earth Day ninjas! We in the MNP Group love the Earth and want to spread our love across the global interwebs. So today, in honor of her Majesty Mother Earth we are having an MNP Earf Day Bonanza. Check any and all of our microsites to see how each of us has chosen to celebrate this holiest of days. We’ve got:

and, of course, MyNinjaPlease

All of us bringing you the randomness we always do, but with an extra Earf Day twist…

We hope you enjoy all the Earth Day fun and find your own unique way to celebrate. And in case you need help, check the EarthDayNetwork to find Earth Day events in your ‘hood.

Love & Respect,

the MNP Fam

Earth Day Competition: 350 is the New Green


350 is the new green is the new black is the new new. 350 is the number that scientists have determined will define the future of the Earth. 350 parts per million is the critical atmospheric CO2 concentration we need to achieve, and with haste. Currently, we are at 385 ppm. Bill McKibben and have started an international campaign to create awareness about 350 and to get people active in making it happen.

We at GreenMNP want to get active. And we want YOU to help! So, herein lies a challenge: design a dope 350 postcard for’s 350 Postcard Project and submit a photo/PDF of your postcard to We will pick a winner 35.0 days from now, on Tuesday, May 27. Winner will receive their choice of these three books: a signed copy of The Bill McKibben Reader, Green Roof – A Case Study by Christian Werthmann, and Shopping Our Way to Safety by Andrew Szasz, not to mention supreme ninja credibility. First runner up will get their choice of the remaining two books and second runner up will get the third book. Furthermore, we at GreenMNP will distribute copies of all the 350 postcard entries we receive to 350 important politicians/organizations/thinkers/Earth lovers/Earth haters and anyone else you want. If you can think of someone in particular you would like us to send a postcard to, comment to this post with their name and postal and/or email address (if you don’t know their address, we’ll do our best to find them…ninjas are fairly resourceful).

The postcard should be an expression of YOU, why you love the planet and why you want to see our atmospheric CO2 concentration drop down to 350 ppm. A word from the 350ers themselves:

In words, collages, drawings, or any other form on the back of these postcards, we want to hear from people all around the world why it’s worth it for you, your community, and the rest of the world to aim for 350 parts per million.

Of course, you should submit your entries to as well. Or, if you prefer, we will submit your entry to them anyway.

Mail a scanned image or photo to or attach a stamp and drop it in the mail to our San Francisco office at 1370 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

If you are from another land, fear not: 350 is the same in every language, and words are easily translated 简体中文 Deutsch Español Français Hrvatski Italiano 한국어 Português Svenska 日本語 العربية

Unofficial Quote of the Day 03.05.07


After the US won the cold war, environmentalism became the new communism. It would take a better psychologist, or sociologist, than I to explain why.

Some might argue that aligning environmentalism with communism is not such a negative claim. However, within context, the heads making this claim intend for it to be negative in a way that pinches at people’s most sensitive of nerves. I pulled this out of a Sharon Begley quotation in an interesting article on TerraPass. Begley, of course, is not advocating the comparison, but it is scary the extent to which people actually believe this environmentalism = communism claim to be true.

Another couple classic gems on the topic:

[Environmentalism is] a green tree with red roots… a socialist dream… dressed up as compassion for the planet.

- Washington Post columnist George Will, May 31, 1992

With the collapse of Marxism, environmentalism has become the new refuge of socialist thinking.

- Rush Limbaugh, The Way Things Ought To Be, July 2, 1992

Most terrifyingly, I came across a comparison by George Reisman of environmentalism with not only Communism, but Nazism as well. The bulk of his argument is simply too ignorant for me to replicate here (check it for yourself if you so desire), but I will leave you with this:


Dude is scary. Way scary.


The 2030 Challenge: No Coal


Our ninja Mark Anthony, frequent commenter here at MNP, has brought our attention to a competition being held by Architecture 2030 called ‘Face It‘. Here’s a description of the competition, from Arch 2030:

The purpose of the Reverberate Competitions is to create a message that will reverberate throughout your campus and around the country. Entrants who have watched the Face It webcast will be better informed about the importance, meaning and purpose of this message, so we encourage everyone to watch the free, half-hour webcast before creating your Competition entries.

In general, for the graphic design categories, students were asked to create a ‘No Coal’ image on their or another student’s face or body (using washable, non-toxic paints). The graphic design categories are now closed.

For the video categories, you must create a one-minute video, presenting ‘No Coal’ and the 2030 Challenge as a two-fold solution to global warming.

Now, the winners get some $$$ and published in Metropolis – which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, only students can vote – so for all our studious ninjas out there, make your choice [here’s our choice – Mark’s video – if you’d like to vote for the MNP supported video. Being an ever-conscientious ninja, Mark would like to use winnings from the competition to set up a scholarship at his high school for students interested in architecture].