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In Spain, Water Is a New Battleground



Swaths of southeast Spain are steadily turning into desert, a process spurred on by global warming and poorly planned development…This year, farmers are fighting developers over water rights. They are fighting one another over who gets to water their crops. And in a sign of their mounting desperation, they are buying and selling water like gold on a rapidly growing black market, mostly from illegal wells. []

kick gas may 12-18


May is National Bike Month and here in Massachusetts we’re doing our part to celebrate this great event with Bay State Bike Week, May 12th -18th, 2008. It’s your chance to join thousands of other bikers across the country by doing something for the environment and having a great time while you’re at it. It’s a win/win proposition. [BayStateBikeWeek]



Sulphate injections are one of several “geo-engineering” solutions to climate change being discussed by scientists[...]But one potential drawback is that sulphates provide a surface on which chlorine gases in polar clouds can become activated, causing chemical reactions that lead to the destruction of ozone molecules. Yeah, this sounds like a great idea… [BBC News]

operation arc of fire



This is Operation Arc of Fire, the Brazilian government’s tough campaign to deter illegal destruction of the Amazon forest. It is intended to send a message that the government is serious about protecting the world’s largest remaining rain forest, but so far it has stirred controversy for its militaristic approach to saving trees, and the initial results have been less than promising. [NYTimes]

nuclear mess


Cleanup of nuclear weapons sites is behind schedule and over budget, audit shows, but DOE cuts program.

The audit shows that the cost to clean up extensive radioactive and hazardous waste contamination is likely to be as high as $305 billion, more than $50 billion higher than the Administration’s earlier estimate. It also may take until 2062 to finish the job—more than 20 years longer than original estimates. Yet this year’s cleanup budget proposal is $5.5 billion, the lowest level in the last 15 years for the huge cleanup program. [read the entire article via C&EN]