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DJ CAVEM : Green Hip-Hop

Check out the behind scenes video, by Denver, Colorado based artist, DJ CAVEM and his related music video:



Apart from youth outreach and his music, he teaches “Blue & Yellow Logic & Environmental Sustainability”:

The goal of Blue & Yellow  Logic is to teach urban communities how to support themselves and the environment with this sustainability project. No back yard plots here.  The gardens cover city blocks and provide enough food to feed several families throughout the year.  Here Cavem supervises a soil delivery to agarden managed by the Eastside Grower’s  collective. The project is gaining local and national attention.  Recently, Blue & Yellow Logic has made arrangements to develop gardens at the home of  Colorado Senator’s Michael Johnston and The Seanse-Elyri  Aquaphonic Grown House Project  in order to provide free organic food to the community.

Electricity from Exercise?

From NPR, a story about converting gym use to usable electrical energy.

If only all the speed and strength of youth could be channeled into power. Turns out, it can. Some colleges and universities have started converting energy from exercise equipment into electricity.

One of those schools is Drexel University in Philadelphia, where student power runs straight into their buildings’ power grids. Dan Simmons, director of recreation at Drexel, says a typical 30-minute workout on a treadmill can generate enough energy to hold a light bulb for 2.5 hours.

A company called ReRev has retrofitted cardio elliptical machines in a portion of the university’s gym to generate electricity for that area. The energy can be stored, so it’s not necessary for someone to pedal a stationary bicycle to keep the lights on. (…continue reading…)

Greenstart : Fast Cleantech

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We’re impatient. The energy crisis is urgent and we want to start making a difference as soon as we can.

Cleantech has been labeled as slow and capital inefficient – known for its startups taking tens of millions of dollars and five years or more before being market ready. The results have often been binary, a big success or a total failure. Waiting years and investing millions before getting validation just isn’t the pathway Greenstart is focused on.

Instead, we seek startups that can prove themselves quickly and with far less capital. These “Fast Cleantech” companies meet the following criteria:

• The product or service must either expand the use of clean energy or reduce the use of dirty energy.
• A prototype of the startup’s product or service is already completed or can be completed within six weeks using less than $25,000 and with only the founders as employees.
• The founders are enthusiastic about sharing the prototype with actual customers and flexible enough to make quick changes to it and/or the business model based on the feedback received.
• If the startup is not already producing revenue when it’s accepted to Greenstart, it has a strong likelihood of producing revenue within six months.

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June Energy


Around the world, there are shortages of food and clean drinking water, but what you may not realize is that there is also a shortage of light for those dark nights in electricity-less areas. A group of students from the University of Michigan have come up with a solution: Emerald, a portable solar panel-powered device that provides 100 lumens of light and power for your electronics.

These engineering students founded the start-up company June Energy. One of the students, Abdrahamane Traoré, comes from Mali where he grew up doing his homework with a kerosene lamp in a poor village. The kerosene lamp doesn’t provide sufficient lighting–only about 60 lumens of light–and can be bad for health. Plus you have to continuously buy kerosene fuel for it which can get expensive.

Emerald will provide 100 lumens of light, a USB charging dock, cell phone ports, and a number of adapters. The device charges in only three hours in full sunlight. It can charge a smartphone in the same time it takes to charge by an outlet, and the device can provide light for eight full hours. The students hope to get the price to under $20. (Source)

Traveling Salesbees

If they weren’t all out dying, we could learn a lot from the bees.  For instance, they’re awesome at math.  Who knew?  Read on…

Bees can solve complex mathematical problems which keep computers busy for days, research has shown.

The insects learn to fly the shortest route between flowers discovered in random order, effectively solving the “travelling salesman problem” , said scientists at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The conundrum involves finding the shortest route that allows a travelling salesman to call at all the locations he has to visit. Computers solve the problem by comparing the length of all possible routes and choosing the one that is shortest.

Bees manage to reach the same solution using a brain the size of a grass seed.

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photograph (Rex Features) and original text can be found here

Rare Earths, Bane and Boon

(Photo by Thomas Lee, for NYT)

Below is an excerpt; to read the full story, please go to the New York Times by clicking here.

GUYUN VILLAGE, China Some of the greenest technologies of the age, from electric cars to efficient light bulbs to very large wind turbines, are made possible by an unusual group of elements called rare earths. The world’s dependence on these substances is rising fast.

Just one problem: These elements come almost entirely from China, from some of the most environmentally damaging mines in the country, in an industry dominated by criminal gangs.

Western capitals have suddenly grown worried over China’s near monopoly, which gives it a potential stranglehold on technologies of the future.

In Washington, Congress is fretting about the United States military’s dependence on Chinese rare earths, and has just ordered a study of potential alternatives.

Here in Guyun Village, a small community in southeastern China fringed by lush bamboo groves and banana trees, the environmental damage can be seen in the red-brown scars of barren clay that run down narrow valleys and the dead lands below, where emerald rice fields once grew.

Skate Study House: The Waste is the Best


Skate Study House is the furniture design child of duo Pierre Andre Senizergues and Gil Le Bon De LaPointe who, in their work, mix a tribute to the post-WWII Case Study House project with modern skateboarding culture.  Just added to their collection are a few limited edition pieces made entirely from scrap and second-hand skateboards.

Keeping with Senizergues’ skateboard flare from his world champion days, but daring into the unknown, together these two skateboarders shed new eco light on green design and waste with three new limited edition pieces from Skate Study House.  An organic collection, The Waste is The Best gives homage to waste, made 100% of throwaway materials and is constructed from excess skateboard cutouts of laminated wood.

The new pieces feature a “Cobble Chair”, “Spine Table” and “Space Shelves” to add to the Skate Study House collection.  Inspired from Senizergues’ creative vision and designed with Gil Le Bon De LaPointe, The Waste is The Best is the next generation of green design and adds an organic twist to the Skate Study House collection.


I’ll take the spine shelves, please.  Thanks.  I also like several items from their main collection.


.::Skate Study House

Urban Spectacles ‘Badassitry’

Our favorite optical craftsman is at it again.  Scott Urban has released a set of images of his latest Urban Spectacles of Wood creations, and they are truly badass.  Here’s a taste:


Rumor has it that USW will be developing a small scale boutique line of frames.  No doubt Urban will come up with some classy, unique & quality-assured designs for this.  It will be 6 months to a year before the line is released, but we’ll have our spectaclely-clad eyes out.

.: check ‘em –> Urban Spectacles of Wood

Sustainable St. Patty’s T’s

The greenest of green holidays (other than Earth Day) is coming up – March 17 is St Patty’s Day!  What better way to show you are truly green than showing up to the pub in a sustainable St. Patty’s T!  Get your limited edition gear from our ninjas at Duality T’s – available in organic cotton & hemp.




Also tons of other fun non-leprechaun designs!
.:check ‘em out -> Duality