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Skate Study House: The Waste is the Best


Skate Study House is the furniture design child of duo Pierre Andre Senizergues and Gil Le Bon De LaPointe who, in their work, mix a tribute to the post-WWII Case Study House project with modern skateboarding culture.  Just added to their collection are a few limited edition pieces made entirely from scrap and second-hand skateboards.

Keeping with Senizergues’ skateboard flare from his world champion days, but daring into the unknown, together these two skateboarders shed new eco light on green design and waste with three new limited edition pieces from Skate Study House.  An organic collection, The Waste is The Best gives homage to waste, made 100% of throwaway materials and is constructed from excess skateboard cutouts of laminated wood.

The new pieces feature a “Cobble Chair”, “Spine Table” and “Space Shelves” to add to the Skate Study House collection.  Inspired from Senizergues’ creative vision and designed with Gil Le Bon De LaPointe, The Waste is The Best is the next generation of green design and adds an organic twist to the Skate Study House collection.


I’ll take the spine shelves, please.  Thanks.  I also like several items from their main collection.


.::Skate Study House

Urban Spectacles ‘Badassitry’

Our favorite optical craftsman is at it again.  Scott Urban has released a set of images of his latest Urban Spectacles of Wood creations, and they are truly badass.  Here’s a taste:


Rumor has it that USW will be developing a small scale boutique line of frames.  No doubt Urban will come up with some classy, unique & quality-assured designs for this.  It will be 6 months to a year before the line is released, but we’ll have our spectaclely-clad eyes out.

.: check ‘em –> Urban Spectacles of Wood

Sustainable St. Patty’s T’s

The greenest of green holidays (other than Earth Day) is coming up – March 17 is St Patty’s Day!  What better way to show you are truly green than showing up to the pub in a sustainable St. Patty’s T!  Get your limited edition gear from our ninjas at Duality T’s – available in organic cotton & hemp.




Also tons of other fun non-leprechaun designs!
.:check ‘em out -> Duality

D2E Boston 2009


Boston’s premier conscious consumer convention returns!  Down:2:Earth Boston is back for its second year with three days of exciting eco events not to be missed.  There is a “Local Bites” kick off party Friday night, the D2E Video Project returns and this year there is a new contest in partnership with the City of Boston called Pitch the City:

Down:2:Earth Sustainable Living Expo
Build a better future by learning how to eat, work & live sustainably!
A marketplace for eco-friendly products, a public stage for community initiatives, and an educational forum for learning about sustainability issues.

Friday, April 3 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Saturday, April 4 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, April 5 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston MA 02115

Tickets can be purchased online at
Adults: $8.00 ($10.00 at the door)
Students & Seniors: $6.00 ($8 at the door);
Weekend Passes & “Local Bites” Preview Party (includes weekend admission): $20.00
Children 12 and under are free.

“Local Bites” – Friday April 3

A festive preview party and artisanal grazing event built around local sustainable chefs, local food producers and sustainable wine.  D2E co-founder Betty Fulton says, “We’re excited to have some of Boston’s best chefs – from The Fireplace, Upstairs on the Square, New England Aquarium’s Harbor View Café, and Henrietta’s Table, among others – sampling their culinary creations at Local Bites.   A special thanks to sponsor Kunde Winery, who among others, will be providing sustainably produced vintages.”  A portion of the evening’s proceeds will benefit Mass Farmers‘ Markets and New England Aquarium’s Sustainable Fisheries Initiative.

Pitch the City

A contest sponsored in partnership with the City of Boston that seeks creative ideas to make Boston a greener city. Four finalists will present their proposals to a panel, including Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino at D2E, on Sunday, April 5.  According to D2E co-founder Lorelei Grazier, “We want D2E to be a catalyst for community engagement around issues of sustainability – a forum for public and private, profit and non-profit sectors of our economy to come together to build a greener future.”

D2E Video Project


[Click on flyer for full size]

D2E invites students, artists, activists, and everyone in between to submit original three-minute digital videos focused on themes of sustainable living and natural landscapes in New England. Your videos should be visually compelling and can explore any related theme, in any style: narrative, montage, animated, documentary or experimental.

Selected entries will be presented on the main stage at D2E. The most effective and creative entries will be recognized at D2E’s Kick-off Event on Friday, April 3.

Video topics could include:
Environmental consciousness in everyday life, volunteerism, nature walks, poetry as a subject, outdoor activities with a message, profiles of people living sustainably, Artists impressions, consumerism, etc. It’s up to you! Video entries must follow the simple rules listed below and must be received by March 20, 2009.

See you there!

.: gettcha tix -> down:2:earth an exploration into sustainable living

9.11.08 a day of many things


[image via]
I woke up early this morning to a mandatory evacuation of the county i am staying in here in TX, Jefferson County.  Hurricane Ike is on his way.  Now, intuition would tell you that a mandatory evacutation is just that, mandatory.  Apparently, not so.  After hearing about the evacuation, I went into work, a fairly large construction site, where the construction crews were hard at work securing the site for hurricane conditions.  Many of the folks on site i talked to were planning to evacuate north toward Dallas, or east toward Louisiana, or even west into Houston (where the storm is expected to hit directly), but a lot of the guys i talked to from the area are planning to ‘hunker down’ as they call it and brave the storm.  As it turns out, I am hunkering down as well (at least until I hear further word from my boss).  Needless to say, I have been glued to all the weather websites, my favorite of which is  Just in the past hour Ike has been forecast to downgrade to a Cat 2 when it hits the coast.  Here are some images:



The above image shows potential maximum storm surges.  For reference, Jefferson County is right there on the TX/LA boarder in the orange 24′ potential storm surge area.  the weather channel is telling me to expect a 10-20′ surge.  i have been told that the sea walls in this area hold until the surge surpasses 14′.  So yeah, I am starting to get nervous.

The red areas, which will see the highest surge, happen to be right in the Baytown area, where Exxon-Mobile has their largest oil refinery which, if you look it up on google maps, is the size of a small city.


Meanwhile, in happier news, i was shocked this evening to open an email from the ninjas over at amivectio (friends of the revolution) and find my face front & center (ok, bottom left) in the message.  amivectio is the blog-child of Hector Estrada, founder & creative mind behind Triko, a dope street-wear collection for ‘progressive and eclectic individuals’ that embraces environmentally friendly practices [we are big fans & have covered Triko here … I still have my fingers crossed for some ladies threads].


Several months ago Triko sent out a quick survey to their mailing list that I responded to, and this is the result:

Name: Jessie P.

What do you currently do for a living?
chemical engineer & part time ninja (

Where are you originally from?
new england & tucson AZ, i can never decide which

How would you describe your style?
comfortable but with flavor

What inspires you in your daily pursuit of Life?
good people working for good things. bad people making us work a little harder

How do you feel about the environment?
it teaches us, we waste it away. in the end, it will have the upper hand

Do you prefer shopping online or in person?
in person. i have to be able to feel the textiles & see the colors. besides, fit is always tricky

Do you believe in extraterrestrials?
i believe it is ignorant to think we are the only beings in this massive universe

What books are you currently reading?
GRUB: ideas for an urban organic kitchen, by Anna Lappé & Bryant Terry; Oil!, by Upton Sinclair

What’s your favorite sound of nature?
a horse neighing in recognition

What does success mean to you?
making steps toward something you believe in

Many thanks to amivectio for calling me a friend of the revolution!

A few words on amivectio from the source:

Our new blog: is clean and simple.  We’ll be covering progressive people and lifestyles with features on art, world affairs, music, friends, events, our daily grind, and of course fashion, style, and design.  If you submitted an “Art of Life” entry, these will now be feature at, under the “friends of the revolution” category.  Please stop by our community blog and leave us a comment.  Enjoy!

In summation:
.:: for peace –> stop war

.:: for safety –> track Ike & get the hell out of dodge

.:: for fly earf-friendly street-wear –> check Triko, amivectio & become a friend of the revolution

[sustainable] Music to my ears…

Yes yes, folks…
While sitting back in the cut meditating, I’m always listening to some brain stimulus. Now I can be environmentally friendly while I’m doing so.


Audioengine makes a new version of their A5 speaker system with the sustainable wonder wood – bamboo [though technically a grass?]. The A5N‘s casing comes from all sustainable sources and lacks and stains or paints that would otherwise negate its environmentally friendliness. Also, all Energy Star audiophiles need not worry, cause these little ditties meet standard requirements with an automatic standby mode.

Like the predecessor A5, the A5N has onboard an integrated USB port and AC jack specifically for charging your iPod or connecting an AirPort Express to it for your Mac.

::Post by Dubs – info from Macworld Magazine contributor Dan Frakes::

GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall


Installed on the Xicui entertainment complex in Beijing [near the site of the 2008 Olympic Games], GreenPix is a sustainable LED media display applied to the glass curtain wall. with integrated photovoltaic cells. The largest color LED display in the world, GreenPix will also incorporate the photovoltaic system integrated into a glass curtain wall system in China. The intention is for the building to ‘mirror a day’s climatic cycle’, harvesting energy from the sun to power the LED display after dark.


Designed by Simone Giostra & Partners Architects along with the ninja masters over at Arup, the LED media wall will “provide the city of Beijing with its first venue dedicated to digital media art, while offering the most radical example of sustainable technology applied to an entire building’s envelope to date” says Giostra. The building opens to the public in June of 2008, marked by special video installations and performances by a number of different artists. Here’s some additional info:

GreenPix is a large-scale display comprising of 2,292 color (RGB) LED’s light points comparable to a 24,000 sq. ft. (2.200 m2) monitor screen for dynamic content display. The very large scale and the characteristic low resolution of the screen enhances the abstract visual qualities of the medium, providing an art-specific communication form in contrast to commercial applications of high resolution screens in conventional media façades.


All this information + seriousness aside – is this thing actually green / sustainable? I mean, it’s siiick, sure – you’ve got to love beautiful displays of modern technology, and the integration of digital media in architecture. But, does using all that PV to power a giant LED display really make the project green or is it just a wash? Just a thought…

Urban Spectacles of Wood Lookin Boy


Many moons ago I posted on this dude Scott Urban & his spectacular Urban Spectacles of Wood. Well, Scott has been carving up a storm for the past nine months & most recently made a couple frames for Raydio G from Chicago’s Hotstylz. I know you have heard their silly & thoroughly lovable ‘Lookin’ Boy’ but if not:

Apparently Raydio wore one of the pairs to the BET Awards last week. Did anyone see them? I missed it…

I still want a pair of my own.

triko: Tell the Children the Truth






mmmmm, nothing sexier than a man with style AND a conscience.

Triko is a progressive, premium streetwear brand for the fashion conscious consumer. Triko is committed to using the finest natural materials available to produce high quality product, in order to advance their efforts to a healthier environment. Their focus is on promoting social and environmental awareness through design and lifestyle. Designer Hector Estrada chooses to incorporate sustainable materials into his collection, such as organic or raw cotton on selected tees and using coconut shells or recycled soda cans as buttons.

Triko is actively involved in charities and organizations including Solar 1 and Defenders of Wildlife and will continue to support charities and organizations that work towards the protection of the environment and its inhabitants.

^ A word from karmaloop. Check triko & their Earthloving blog.