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The House the Big Dig Built

This may be old news to ninjas from the Bean, but I came across it again and just needed to post. Paul Pedini, a civil engineer working on the Dig, used scrap materials to construct this ill-ass new crib for himself. He says he wanted it to be a model of building recycling, showing how materials from temporary structures such as those used in highway construction can be re-used for new purposes, such as public housing and so on [Germany has become well known for recycling the vast majority of their leftover building materials…and for their green building]. If this isn’t ninja-ish, I don’t know what is – he was paid to remove materials, and he removed them to the spot of his new house. Genius. And I’d even bet his ceiling is holding up.

“These materials are as good as you can get,” said Pedini, a 51-year-old civil engineer who spent a decade working on the construction of the maze of bridges and tunnels that make up the Big Dig. “We were being paid money to junk this stuff. There’s something inherently illogical about it.” [quote/article from CBS4 Boston, link HERE].

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This Joint needs a Smokescreen? then it?ll be straight

Duetschland yet again comes through with another tight whip.  This is the Loremo AG, a car that is going to make its debut at the upcoming auto show in Geneva, and due to be on sale in Europe as a 2009 model.  Using no fancy hybrid or fuel cell drivetrains, this stylish little bugger gets an impressive 157mpg or 87mpg depending on which model you buy, the LS or the GT.  With a starting price of just 11,000 euros, you’ll get impressive aerodynamics, an incredibly low curb weight (under 1000 lbs), and a tiny two or three cylinder diesel engine.

I had been thinking of coppin’ a M-1 Abrams tank to put all those SUV-driving soccer mom’s and rappers in their place and show them who’s the realest ninja of them all, but now I don’t know, a Loremo AG would look real tiiiiiiight rollin on some 24’s. 

 For all you gearheads out there, the 157mpg LS runs on a 2-cylinder, 20hp engine, with an abyssmal 0-60 time of 20 secs.  The speedier GT, with its 3-cylinder 50hp engine, will get you to 60mph from a standstill in a more reasonable 9 seconds.  While neither car is likely to become a champion on the drag racing circuit, with rear-wheel drive, low weight, and a mid-engine layout, the car should handle pretty well while navigating European roads.
Scope the website here

A Perfect Complement to the Chair You Grew

grow your own

To follow up on our growable posts, we’ve got a growable table to join your other arborsculpture creations.

This table is different from the other growable furniture we’ve featured in that it isn’t completely grown from trees. Instead, the Topo Tabla has plastic inserts that fit into the tabletop and house root systems for plans that you can plant in the surface. Definitely jiggy, and now you can roll your trees amongst the trees.

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Build? Grow Your House!!!

MIT is up to trouble again. People build furniture and other art out of live trees, so why not build some houses?
“The concept of a living house is really incredibly exciting when you think that people in tropical and semitropical locations have fast-growing trees available,” said Richard Reames, an Oregon-based “arborsculptor” who uses grafting techniques to grow living furniture.

Read about the vision of Mitchell Joachim of the Media Lab’s Smart Cities group here via

Aussies Lead The Way In Green Entrepreneurialism

Those wacky Aussies are among those at the forefront of renewable energy. From the article:
“The solar tower is the most audacious of a host of renewable-energy projects under way in Australia that are making the country the global hotbed of alternative-energy entrepreneurship. Concerns over greenhouse gases, the oil crisis, and China’s voracious appetite for energy may have stirred only faint interest from the U.S. government and, to date, halting efforts by American entrepreneurs. But Down Under, people see a big upside, and a swarm of innovating Aussies are busily staking out turf in what is sure to be a massive global market for renewable energy in coming years.”

Read about converting hot air into energy @ CNNMoney