Bush Compound Wind Turbine


The former President George H. W. Bush has recently installed a 33-foot tall Skystream 3.7 wind turbine at the Bush’s Kennebunkport summer home. I would normally say something about how having a summer home is inherently NOT sustainable [you know they don't be rentin' that thing out, my ninjas], but the turbine is hooked up to the grid – supplying ‘green’ power to the local grid, and earning the Bush’s credits. Maybe some so-called ‘conservatives’ will take notice and decide to do something about the environment now, as the father of their president seems to think environmentalism makes sense [that being said, Dubya has sustainable technologies in use at his Crawford ranch, including geothermal – conservatives don’t seem to care].


Dubya, by the way, knew immediately that the newcomer to the compound [the turbine] posed a threat – standing there, spinning around all menacingly and whatnot – and along with his faithful Sancho – er, I mean Dick – he declared that a coalition of the willing would be formed to chase the beast from the property, preferably with a tactical missile strike.

Also of interest is this ridiculous article about how global warming is going to drown the aforementioned Bush Compound. Enjoy.

::article at the Portland Press Herald via Jetson Green::

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