Dubai first Arab city to join Earth Hour


Dubai city has joined the WWF- Earth Hour movement, as part of a global climate change initiative, which will see thousands of lights turned off all over the city at 8:00pm on Saturday March 29, in the largest voluntary power down in history.

Dubai is the first Arab city to declare its support for Earth Hour.

“We are asking everyone in Dubai to switch off all non-essential lights for one hour, at 8.00pm on March 29, to send a message around the world that we have the power to take action against global warming and that by working together we really can make a huge difference,” said Fadel Ali, executive chairman Dubai Holding Operations.

He added that “Earth Hour will clearly demonstrate the connection between energy usage and climate change, showing that we as a broader community can address the biggest threat our planet has ever faced.” Dubai Holding and the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) have linked up to lead the initiative that also has the support of Dubai Municipality, Dubai International Financial Centre, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai World Trade Centre, Nakheel, Emaar and Leo Burnett.

Earth Hour, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm local time on March 29, will involve people and businesses turning off non essential lights and appliances for one hour to show how people working together in a spirit of openness can make a difference.
Earth Hour, which began in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, is now a worldwide environmental movement that will see millions of people turn off non-essential lighting. Earth Hour will roll through 14 time zones, starting in New Zealand and ending in the Pacific Time Zone. It will traverse more than 25 cities.

[Dubai Chronicle]

3 thoughts on “Dubai first Arab city to join Earth Hour

  1. i always participate whenver there is an Earth Hour event. it is a good thing that the World Wildlife Fund organized an event like this.

  2. Earth Hour is really a good concept on how we could spend at least a few minutes of our time in remembering mother Eearth. people should be more aware and more caring of our environment now that we have Global Warming and Climate Change

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