5 thoughts on “In Vitro Meat Consortium

  1. so, while my initial reaction is [was] that this is really gross – is it really any grosser [is that a word?] than real meat? I mean, look at the way we treat animals – maybe if we grow this tuff [I repeat: ewwwwww] in a lab then it will be better in terms of our health nutrition, and no animals will have to die.

  2. i am going to have to disagree with you on the health nutrition aspect. call me a crunchy naturalist, but i do not think test tube grown products are ever healthier than the real thing (and when i say real, i am not talking about hormones/steroids/antibiotics/etc.) – but you bring up a good point in that it is rare for such ‘real’ meat to exist these days and the way we mass produce, raise, slaughter, process, eat is disgusting, not to mention unsustainable. i am not convinced that this lab-grown meat does not have a place in our future…it just terrifies me and grosses me out. also: animals die. that’s life.

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