A Texan With a Plan, Or Just Another $cam?

I heard about this dude T. Boone Pickens months ago, I forget where, and then heard about him again a couple months later on some news program, then yesterday, as i was waiting in the airport (on my way to Texas no less), I was reminded of him again by a ‘Pickens Plan’ commercial on some news channel (which was simultaneously flashing stock/energy numbers across the bottom of the screen).  Now, call me skeptical, but When rich old oil hounds miraculously turn into earth-loving crusaders overnight, and then voluntarily drop however many $$$ on a major advertising campaign for their earth-loving cause, one has to wonder…is this ninja for real?

Decide for yourselves, watch his tv spot:


Then watch this PSA from Zaproot.com (be forewarned, this chick talks at the speed of light):

I say, never trust a Texan.  What do y’all think?

5 thoughts on “A Texan With a Plan, Or Just Another $cam?

  1. Thanks for supporting a negative image of people from Texas, because if there’s anything we as a nation have learned in the last couple hundred years, it’s that large groups of people love nothing more than to be stereotyped.

    And for the record, I don’t trust T. Boone Pickens (you did spell it wrong, by the way) further than I could throw him.

    Chris Jackson
    Huntsville, Texas

  2. hey man, apologies for the texas hating, though i have to say it was mild hating at best. i wondered if i was going to offend anyone…but to be honest, i am pleasantly surprised anyone is even reading this. so, much love to all the green texans out there. i still say though, i never seen so many enormous trucks, SUVs, sprawling highways or stretches of industrial plants in all my life. actually, don’t even get me started on the environmental policies of the state of TX. and i am still trying to find a recycling center in my hood. BUT i do appreciate that it is not ok to type all texans as one. in fact, in my three months down here so far, i have yet to meet an un-nice texan, which is more than i can say about beantown.

    so chris, thanks for reading, texas pride. oh, and good looking out on the typo.

  3. “i never seen so many enormous trucks, SUVs, sprawling highways or stretches of industrial plants in all my life.”

    Well, it all depends on what part you’re in. That industrial plant portion is optional if you head north and/or west from the coast. And if you are along the coast, good luck on the recycling center. Southeast Texas is amazingly backwards. I wouldn’t describe myself as “green” (mostly due to the word choice, green is the new obnoxious, as far as I’m concerned. What was wrong with “ecologically conscious” or even “environmentally friendly?” I mean, in regards to the title of your blog here, it’s not your fault, I’m just saying.) but believe me, the way people treat the environment here is abominable. The longer you’re here, the more frustrated you’re going to get. Sorry to be a downer, it’s just the truth.

  4. You don’t have to support Pickens, but how is an effective business plan a scam? He’s not simply an “old rich oil hound,” the man sells energy and energy solutions, and he’s a genius at doing so. If Pickens is one big scammer, then I guess capitalism is also a $cam…

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