So, once upon a time I had a job, and, every morning I’d walk into it to the sound of FOX & Friends, a so-called morning show being watched by the night guy that I was going to relieve. Well, let me say that over the years I’ve grown an appreciation for the subtle ignorance of the show, and the nuances. It’s almost like an aged cheese… except never really on the sharp side. Anyway, a few glasses of wine ought to make it easier to swallow.

It’s not that I’m, like, down with women in skimpy bathing suits championing a cause, as is seen in this video about PETA, but it’s just the attitude which this show takes that makes me sort of cringe. The dude introducing the story says, “For sommme reason PETA has a problem with the way KFC treats their livestock,” as if there’s absolutely no tangible reason why someone might be disgusted with KFC’s practices. Well, he doesn’t say that exactly, but he definitely *WANTS* to be saying that.

Then, to make matters worse, the guy goes on to ask if “liberal causes like these have gone too far.” Excuse me? Since when is caring about what you eat and the environment actually something liberal? I feel that conservatives have backed themselves into a corner by choosing to define anything environment-oriented/science-supported as a “liberal cause” and denying objective reality. PETA, that said, is clearly a “liberal” group and does tend to use shock-value tactics, but, what difference does a simple categorization make if you agree with the cause? Hell, I care about my taxes and my finances – making me… a conservative?

Note: I will refer to him as “the guy” for we do not speak the name of the evil one on this blog. Also, the guy DOES indeed have a point about PETA, but it’s poorly made. And, at what cost?

Anyway, sometimes I wonder if they broadcast this crap so I’ll link to it… or because they actually believe the words coming out of their own mouths. “They think they environment is more important than humanity.” I’m not even going to start on how silly that is…

3 thoughts on “FOX, FOX, FOX…

  1. Oddly enough, the only member of the so-called “liberal media” who would even run this story is FOX NEWS… how happy is Joe Six-pack to see some “babylons” in the morning, eh?

  2. This comment isn’t about Fox, life is too short- rather it’s on you, fine sir. PETA isn’t Liberal. A lot of my friends are Liberal. I’m mostly Liberal. I think for you to baseline Liberal with PETA is to enjoin yourself with the outer rings of Fox mentality. (pushing my luck by using using ‘mentality’ with Fox, I know…) PETA is a bunch of nutf*cks, ok? I used to send them a little check now and then in the mid 80′s, to help save the little bunnies who were getting shampoo in their eyes, oh noes – that was before they went off the cliff of extremism in all things- outcome and efficacy be damned. Yeah, so thanks for the ear here… and to use a child rearing analogy -every time a kid acts like a little craphead and the parent goes all wacky about it, the kid wins. So yeah, I think we should just ignore Fox utterly. Resist the temptation, be the Ninja. Thanks.

  3. Those people are so ignorant.

    If you punish your kid for asking you to recycle you are retarded.

    …. “Protect humanity before the environment”… Actually with no environment there would be no humanity dummy.

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