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Canary Project Photos: The Landscape of Climate Change
Artists: Susannah Sayler & Edward Morris

[Reforestation and Land Restoration, Niger, 2007]

[Drought and Fires: Umatilla National Forest, Washington State, 2006]

[Extreme Weather Events: Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, 2005]

[Dyke on the North Sea, The Netherlands, 2006]

[Disrupted Ecosystems: Great Barrier Reef, Belize, 2006]

[Renewable Energy: Palm Springs, California, 2007]

The photos in this collection are a stunning visual exploration of the effects of climate change.  The Canary Project is an organization that creates art and supports artists with the intention of engaging viewers in the realities of global warming.  For Canary Project Photos: The Landscape of Climate Change, founders of the Canary Project, Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris, have collected images of landscapes around the globe directly impacted by a warming planet and have documented communities that are working proactively to conserve their endangered lands.

In their own words:

Correcting misconceptions about climate change and mobilizing society to build a more sustainable future will require a concerted effort from all sectors of society. We believe art has an important role to play in this process, particularly when executed in collaboration with other disciplines and when benefiting from the organizational strengths of an entity such as The Canary Project. Art has the capacity to penetrate received notions, generate media attention and create lasting visceral impact – all of which can be a more effective catalyst to action than mere rational apprehension.

To see more of the Canary Project Photos, read the stories associated with each landscape and to learn more about The Canary Project and its many programs, visit their website,

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