The Botany of Desire

I was flipping through the channels the other week- that’s a lie-my home TV is just usually on PBS- and I saw this “Botany of Desire” program. It’s based on a book by Michael Pollan (he should win an aptonym), the dude who wrote The Omnivore’s Dilemma amongst other titles, which are all highly recommended reads, for those of you who need to be told to read a book now and then.

The Botany of Desire mainly deals with four plants [canibus, tulip, potato, and apple] and how they’ve domesticated humankind over their existence. Even more than that, Botany is an exploration into how animals and plants coexist, enable, and even manipulate each other on a macro scale.

Anyway, I was excited to watch this program, and not just because it passed the time on the stationary bike (or because of the orange and green nuggies in the preview). I think you’ll like it if you give it a few minutes of attention. Don’t ya just love PBS? Support them, my ninjas, please.

Click here to watch the Full Length Program

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