Taking the Plunge

Living more efficiently can definitely be intimidating, so an easy way to incorporate a little more off-grid living into your life is generating your own electricity. There are plenty of options, and although some are costly, they generally begin to benefit you down the road. There are a few things in bear in mind when you get started. For example, wind turbines, well, they might die down if there isn’t any wind, and if there is battery back-up, it might not always be enough. Some circumstances might require more sources of backup to ensure that they can be counted on. Having a backup generator is key, an you can use a gasoline generator to back the batteries. Gasoline generators run about ten percent of the fuel cost to a coal-fired power plant and, of course, you don’t use it nearly as long.

The biggest key here is to do your research. There are plenty of ways to move toward a life that is more off-the-grid, benefiting your wallet and the environment — a win-win situation. If you’re a part of the lifestyle already or just moving into it, the time is definitely now: getting started will bring you closer with our planet, which will be the biggest benefit of all. (Source)

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