Another awesome EV

In February 2006, two Canadian companies, EBW and T-Rex , formed Silence Inc. to design and build high-performance electric vehicles. Silence Inc. has since ntegrated the EBW technology to a T-Rex chassis to build what we know today as the Silence, a 2-seat, high-performance, 100 % electric vehicle with a bold design adapted for the road.

The three-wheeled Silence PT2 weighs 900lbs and is only 13 feet long, six feet wide and four feet high. With a range of 125-250 miles and a top speed of over 125 mph, this thing should be a blast to drive.

The Silence PT2 will be available sometime later this spring. Price with the charger will be around $50,000 CDN (about $42,000 US)

(check out the high-res picture gallery!)

More info at Silence Inc.

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