Wave power plant goes online

Australia based Energetech will soon begin supplying clean electric power from Australia’s first commercial wave-generated power station located 100 yards off shore in the beach community of Wallongong.

Wave power generation, a developing technology, holds tremendous potential for clean energy production. An added benefit of the Energetech technology is its capability to create both clean electrical power and drinking water. The Wallongong station will eventually supply power to up to 500 nearby homes and can desalinate water, a precious commodity in drought ravaged Australia, for almost an equal number.

Ocean waves provide the densest and most constant of all natural power sources. In the Engergetech prototype, electricity is generated when waves wash into a funnel facing the ocean, driving air through a pipe and into a turbine.

When fully operational the plant will create 500 kw of clean energy while producing 2,000 litres of desalinated water per day.


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