Biodiversity = Good For Business?

Europe is moving one more step forward in their governmental response to environmental issues. This one is aimed at biodiversity and business, the idea being to “Introduce biodiversity considerations into corporate governance.” The hope is to change the mindset that the environment’s health, in this case biodiversity, and profits are mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, however, this initiative has no teeth, leaving it up to the businesses to act on a voluntary basis.

Some excerpts:

“This initiative will be based on voluntary mechanisms,” Dimas assured the executives. “It will not be a substitute for full compliance with existing environmental legislation and will aim to promote the engagement of business beyond their legal requirements.”

“Healthy and resilient ecosystems are our best defense against the impacts of climate change,” said Dimas, giving the example of the disaster which struck New Orleans after hurricane Katrina when a majority of the city was flooded. “The natural defences provided by coastal vegetation had been destroyed and as a result the damage was many times worse than it would have been otherwise,” Dimas said.

The commissioner said it would be useful to explore how eco-labeling and eco-management schemes could encourage businesses to improve their biodiversity performance and to gain public recognition for their efforts. “The business community is a key partner in meeting the 2010 target and needs to be actively engaged,” he said.

[Environment News Service]

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