ZAP Releases Drawings of ZAP-X EV Crossover

Design-Concept or Pre-Production Sneak Peek?

Well ZAP (Zero Air Pollution), known for it’s NEV’s, has released sketches of their “soon-to-be-released” ZAP-X EV sport utility vehicle, which was first introduced to us all as the Lotus APX Demonstrator at NADA 2007.

The companies claim this AWD ‘crossover’ vehicle will have some pretty impressive specifications, most notably four in-hub electric motors that deliver a total of 644hp, and a top speed of 155mph. By utilizing a “lightweight aluminum architecture” and an “advanced battery system,” ZAP claims the SUV will have a range of 350 miles, and, that its “rapid charge technology” means the batteries can be recharged in 10 minutes or less. Lithium-ion batteries are to be used in conjunction with ‘supercapacitors,’ which will help to provide quick bursts of acceleration. (The Toyota FT-HS concept also featured ultracapacitors) The ZAP-X should reach 60mph from a standstill in 4.8 seconds.

Lotus Engineering first showed itself as a player in the EV scene with the Tesla roadster, but the company has also collaborated with ZAP on the Obvio 012 EV sportscar.

As excited as I want to get for this vehicle, it just screams “vaporware.” With technical ‘specs’ that include photovoltaic glass made from “nano solar cells,” an on-board computer running Windows XP, let alone 644hp and a supposed 10 minute recharge (on certain voltages) time, I don’t see this appearing in showrooms anytime soon. Come on, nano-engineered solar cells aren’t even on the market yet!


Product Brochure (.pdf)

One thought on “ZAP Releases Drawings of ZAP-X EV Crossover

  1. One good thing about high gas prices is that people are finally bringining alternatives to the market.

    Zap Motors is a smart company that is setting up dealerships all over the world. They already started selling cars in many states including CA (glendale) and will have this car for sale in 2008! They have sold cars to many government agencies, colleges, Dominos Pizza Co and many others… and the stock: ZAAP is ONLY about $1 check them out at

    I’ve also looked into another interesting technology from MDI: and invested in Tata Motors: TTM (the 2nd largest vehicle manufacturer in India) who have just signed a deal with mdi to build and sell the 100% AIR POWERED car!

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