100-Year Forecast: New Climate Zones Humans Have Never Seen

If global warming continues unabated, many of the world’s climate zones may disappear by 2100, leaving new ones in their place unlike any that exist today, according to a new study.

“If [the climate of] Memphis moves to Chicago, we have a Memphis there to say what Chicago will look like,” he says. “For an area where we don’t have a modern analogue, there’s really nothing to look at to say, this is what the environment will look like.”

Researches found that climate change would create entirely new patterns of temperature and precipitation for 12-39% of the planet. An additional 10-48% of land would see its climate zones replaced by patterns of temperature and precipitation now occurring elsewhere, such as rain forest becoming savanna or evergreen forest becoming deciduous.

New climates would be most dramatic in the rain forests of the Amazon and Indonesia, according to the researches, but would occur elsewhere as well:

Climate disappearance would occur in tropical mountains and near the poles, including regions such as the Andes, the African highlands, Indonesia and the Philippines, parts of the Himalayas and near the Arctic. With nowhere to go, species in these regions might become extinct…


One thought on “100-Year Forecast: New Climate Zones Humans Have Never Seen

  1. I wonder if the ice on top of Himalayas melt, where will the water go. Not only Himalayas, many mountains are higher than the frozen ice level. In my opinion, it may lead to flooding in lower ground level.espetually the villages that built besides high mountains. They could probably cover by water if the ice melt, and eventually, human have to move to high land to live.

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