Scuderi Group to Preview Enhanced Designs of Air-Hybrid Engine

Why use batteries when you can use compressed air?

Waste heat energy is generally recovered in combined-cycle engines which utilize the Otto cycle to generate power and the Rankine cycle to recover waste heat. Conventional combined-cycle engines must immediately utilize the recovered waste heat or discard it.

In contrast, the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine has the added capability of storing the waste, which is heat-generated energy in the form of compressed air in the Scuderi Engine’s air tank for later use. This capability further enhances the engine’s fuel efficiency and further reduces the engine’s emissions output.

By adding a small air storage tank with some simple controls, the Scuderi engine can also recapture energy normally lost during the braking of a vehicle. In addition, unlike electric hybrids, the Scuderi Air-Hybrid has the capability of recapturing energy from the exhaust of the engine, making it possible to utilize a Scuderi Air-Hybrid design in stationary applications such as electric generators.

Scuderi expects its Air-Hybrid Engine to deliver a significant increase in performance, efficiency and environmental impact over today’s internal combustion engines. The Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine is adaptable to diesel and gasoline automobiles, commercial vehicles and any other applications powered by internal combustion engines.


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