Recycling = FREE BEER at Reading & Leeds


OK, now this is a green practice that we really need to encourage. This year the Reading & Leeds festivals, famed for their 3-day raucous rock shows, have decided to go green. It has been an increasing trend this year for festivals to bring environmental consciousness to their arenas (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Burning Man, etc.), but check this out:

On arrival people will be issued with a green bag for bottles, a clear bag for cans and a black bag for all other wastes. People that fill their bags will be rewarded by being able to exchange each bag for a beer.

WHAT!? Free beer?? This is pretty much unheard of for a concert, and the fact that it encourages people to pick up after themselves (also unheard of for a concert) and recycle at the same time! Definitely ninja-worthy. Not to mention all the other great ways Reading & Leeds are greening their shows. Here’s a list, check their website for full details:


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