Toyota?s Green Design Videos

So, I’m far too cynical to go ahead and whole-heartedly believe Toyota, a car manufacturer, when it says that its aiming for zero emissions and is a sponsor of green design. That being said, the concept makes a whole helluva lot of sense if you think about it: outside of keeping people alive to buy your product, and all that hippy ’save mother earth’ loudness, doesn’t looking into ‘green’ technologies seem to make sense at this point? Whether or not you believe in global warming and the end of days, fossil fuels are most definitely only available to us in a finite amount – why not prepare ahead of time, instead of waiting until its too late? That doesn’t sound like too crazy of a business plan to me.

Enjoy the videos my ninjas, they’re all pretty interesting [although, those of you well versed in green design trends have probably seen/heard of/read about these products & technologies before].

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