Sidwell Friends School [green.MNP]


Now my ninjas, I’ve been telling you not to sleep on our green site [green.MNP is a pretty easy name to remember], and here’s a great reason why. Our HNIC, Black Octagons [AKA The Eight Sided Blackness] is going green and writing new content to our environmentally conscious partner page. Last week he featured the Sidwell Friends School, a project that’s definitely worth you leaving the archtiecture site to read more about…so long as you come back when you’re done.

The building was sited to take advantage of passive solar design. Together with high-efficiency electric lighting, photosensors, and occupancy sensors, daylighting minimizes lighting energy use. Solar-ventilation chimneys, operable windows, and ceiling fans minimize the need for mechanical cooling. Rather than develop a utility plant for this building alone, a central plant was created to serve the entire campus. A photovoltaic array generates about 5% of the building’s electricity needs.

Reclaimed materials include exterior cladding, flooring and decking, and the stone used for landscaping. Interior finishes were selected for their high levels of recycled content, low chemical emissions, and use of rapidly renewable materials.

He even quotes our ninja John over at archidose’s weekly dose, who also featured the project [also worth taking a look at - both his post on the Sidwell Friends School, and archidose in general, which is a siiick site].


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