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For those of you who have been following the site for a while now, Pascal Arquitectos should be becoming fairly familiar. For those of you who haven’t, well…don’t sleep!

Founded by Carlos & Gerard Pascal [brothers] in 1979, the firm has received critical acclaim for a number of their projects, including multiple IIDA Interior Design Magazine [Chicago] Awards, and the National Award IMEI [Mexico] for their work on Hotel Sheraton Centro Historico, Mexico City.


Featured today we have the Pedregal Shopping Centre, located in Mexico City – a 7.000.00 square meter project currently being developed by the firm [all following text provided by Pascal Arquitectos].

This project comes to set a new architectural statement in the Pedregal area of Mexico City which has been neglected, because nothing new and important had happened since its beginnings when “Cuidad Universitaria” was built. Nowadays the real-estate pressure and the need of services are beginning to promote significant changes.


The way that this building relates with its context is by breaking up with what is common to the zone, which are big houses in big areas surrounded by very high stone walls which do not let anybody know what is happening outside and vice versa.

This goal is achieved with the main facade that consists of two elements: one of them linen with a zinc plate with large irregular perforations to which a different shades of yellow and translucent laminated glass section is inlay. It allows the view of the interior event from the outside, and at the same time allowing the view of the exterior event from the inside; in such way the public social spaces mix and the limits within the urban and the private become frontiers.

This is a sustainable and intelligent development project with an automation and control system that contemplates passive and active energy saving resources: lighting and extraction control, opening and closing façade rolling doors, air conditioning, security and control access, prevention signage, CCTV, all of them scheduled and synchronized.


::all images and text [other than my brief intro] provided by Pascal Arquitectos – thanks again Amanda!::

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