Proposal to make Highway?s more Green!!


Finally……Sometimes it takes a student to teach the teacher. A design competition for students has developed various ways to capture wind power by retrofitting highways and road ways with wind turbines (something I believe to be one of the most innovative ideas in a long time and it amazes me that no one has developed this into reality yet). It’s rather simple and brilliant to capture the normally lost kinetic energy caused by such non ‘green’ machines (i.e. cars, trucks) as they cruise along the PCH or GSP going 55-85mph.


I’m sure it will be a few years before we see such infrastructure actually implemented – but its about time architects start to think outside the box and be creative with engineering [we all know engineers only work in numbers and lines - no offense]. We need to generate more great ideas like this – and like the jersey barrier turbines [shown below], which we covered here and here on MNP.

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6 thoughts on “Proposal to make Highway?s more Green!!

  1. stupid idea. forstly because it doesnt capture side winds which normally vehicles generate. no vehicle generate upwards push. and secondly is it not distracting n imagine in snow when it will throw lumps of snow on your windscreen. .might be implemented in india but not in a real world

  2. The project that is similar to above ‘green arc’ was realized in Ukraine at the tunnel. It was, I’m sure, more effective than ‘green arc’ due to limited space in tunnel. But even in this case the design is not effective in a whole due to variable stream. But it looks sympatheticly :)

  3. Brilliant idea, with little creativity and impplementation of practical physics law it can be a great contribution.

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