Lunar Power?


Google’s ‘Moon 2.0′ Lunar X-Prize is challenging private companies to a race to the moon [and various other Lunar tasks] – suggesting that the moon will be n important resource for the Earth, as silicon can be mined there, and used to construct large solar arrays to power our cities with ‘green’ energy.

Far fetched? Probably – but leave it to Google to get people excited about traveling to the moon again [they should team up with Apple, then they'd be unstoppable], and to give us a semi-legit reason for going.

One problem I see, however, is that while it would be ‘green’ energy [assuming any of this were to happen], it will still be run by private companies and sold to us for whatever they [or the 'market'] decide its worth. One commonly overlooked issue with sustainability is its social side. If all the power is being sold off for the largest profit possible, controlled by the few and rationed to the masses, then its still not 100% ‘sustainable’.
But hey, let’s hope it works.

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Brent founded the Hyphae Design Laboratory in February 2008; “the lab” is a consulting and design firm dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture and biological sciences. Brent is also an active member of greenmeme, an artistic design firm based in Los Angeles and The Chlorophyll Collective, an environmental education group based in Oakland, California. From 2005-2008, Brent served as the design director at Rana Creek, an ecological restoration and design firm based in Carmel Valley, California. Brent’s work included the design of large-scale living roofs, ecological landscapes, rainwater catchment systems, living walls, greywater systems and constructed wetlands. Hit me up if interested about the world before that.

One thought on “Lunar Power?

  1. and do we really need to be exploiting the moon’s resources in addition to the earth’s?? and talk about not thinking local!

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