LAYERING: outside in casa cultura


This is a manifesto of sorts. It proposes juxtaposing the high-tech with the low-tech, intertwining, weaving, stitching and carving the ideas and ethos of one cultural fabric onto another. A matrix created from combining and superimposing layers of cultural image. The vast canvas of landscape is the natural place to undertake this task. This project seeks to integrate multiple cultures and landscapes by layering from the outside in. This notion of layering, outside in, is also used as the primary methodology for this thesis. It is believed that the layering is the way in which we live now. This is unconscious to most but evidence for this strengthens with each passing day. Layering as a method allows independence, letting each layer work on its own and in concert with the others. It provides a mechanism for fluctuation in programmatic and formal inventions. In both plan and elevation, the layers are evident formally as facades, superimposing on each other within the whole. Programmatically, layering occurs between the boundaries of architecture, entertainment and information. On the landscape, layers are shaped to make space more useful and to provide provocation.


About brent

Brent founded the Hyphae Design Laboratory in February 2008; “the lab” is a consulting and design firm dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture and biological sciences. Brent is also an active member of greenmeme, an artistic design firm based in Los Angeles and The Chlorophyll Collective, an environmental education group based in Oakland, California. From 2005-2008, Brent served as the design director at Rana Creek, an ecological restoration and design firm based in Carmel Valley, California. Brent’s work included the design of large-scale living roofs, ecological landscapes, rainwater catchment systems, living walls, greywater systems and constructed wetlands. Hit me up if interested about the world before that.

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