SIEEB Solar Energy-Efficient Building


So, this project is just siiick – on some futuristic, super-dynamic looking green design. The Sino-Italian Ecological and Energy-Efficient Building (SIEEB) at Tsinghua University in Beijing was designed to maximize both passive + active solar efficiency – using a push/pull effect in the stacking of floors to create overhangs and setbacks for passive solar, and an impressive photovoltaic system consisting of over 1,000 square feet of PV panels.


This stepping south-oriented facade creates a trellis-like canopy system with the photovoltaics – along with some plantings – to both shade/passively cool the building, while maximizing the amount of south-facing PV installed. The hanging plants also contribute to offsetting [if only slightly] the CO2 produced by the building, which the architects [Mario Cucinella] already have to a minimum through the use of gas engines with electric generators to account for the remainder of the building’s energy needs [after the PV].



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  1. the cost of Solar Cells for Solar Energy utilization has been decreasing over the past years. pretty soon, solar energy would be a more viable alternative than fossil fuels

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