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Their slogan is ‘BUILT FRESH, BUILT LOCAL, BUILT BETTER! WE BUILD BURGERS’ and their goal is to produce ZERO waste in the process. Located in Brookline (of course it would be in Brookline) Grille Zone is a Green Restaurant Association certified fast food restaurant that means serious green business.

“There are products made — forks, knifes, spoons, cups, plates, napkins, the whole works — that are all compostable. They are made of reused materials. Many are made from cornstarches,” said co-owner Ben Prentice. The trash that goes into recycling barrels will be turned into mulch or fertilizer in about 90 days. Bottles are recycled. Prentice said the business model is based on his environmentally friendly beliefs. About 95 percent of the food that is served at the restaurant is local. The sodas are from Ipswich and Jamaica Plain, and the meats are from Mattapan.” We are dramatically reducing the carbon footprint, not only of that piece of food, but for the entire restaurant,” Prentice said. In fact, the entire restaurant is recycled. The tables and chairs come from other restaurants, the bathroom doors were salvaged from a school, and the wood and steel came from old barns. The wall tiles are made from sustainable cork, and the fryers and grills are the most energy efficient.

Carnivore and herbivore alike, the menu will get your taste buds watering (not sure if the veggie burger passes the vegan test, but it is ‘built’ daily with real, fresh vegetables, yum). They are located on Comm Ave & Babcock Street, near the Paradise and they are open from ’11:31 until the food runs out’ which is apparently usually around 9pm.





I must be hungry because I am having to restrain myself from posting a pic of every item on the menu. But go check it for yourself – they’ve got wings, a chicken breast sandwich, grilled cheese and even a salad too.

Check here for a previous green.mnp post on the Green Restaurant Association.


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  1. Thanks to you all for your write-up of our restaurant, and to answer a question posed: YES the veggie burgers ARE vegan, and we make them from scratch each day.

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