Hydro Power in Norway


Statkraft opens PÃ¥lsbu hydro plant

The refurbished PÃ¥lsbu Power Plant, which lies directly at the base of PÃ¥lsbu Dam in Nore og Uvdal in Norway, has begun operations.

For the first time, power will be generated using the water that flows from PÃ¥lsbu Dam to the Tunhovd Fjord, taking advantage of the old PÃ¥lsbu Dam’s drop, situated between PÃ¥lsbu and the Tunhovd Fjord in uppermost NumedalslÃ¥gen. The facility will generate approximately 22 GWh annually. Previously, water was released from PÃ¥lsbu Dam into the Tunhovd Fjord without utilising the water’s energy.

‘PÃ¥lsbu Power Plant is a future-oriented project that exemplifies the new, environment-friendly way to utilise hydropower – it protects nature and is more efficient than before,’ says BÃ¥rd Mikkelsen, President and CEO of Statkraft.

[renewable energy world]

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