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DJ CAVEM : Green Hip-Hop

Check out the behind scenes video, by Denver, Colorado based artist, DJ CAVEM and his related music video:



Apart from youth outreach and his music, he teaches “Blue & Yellow Logic & Environmental Sustainability”:

The goal of Blue & Yellow  Logic is to teach urban communities how to support themselves and the environment with this sustainability project. No back yard plots here.  The gardens cover city blocks and provide enough food to feed several families throughout the year.  Here Cavem supervises a soil delivery to agarden managed by the Eastside Grower’s  collective. The project is gaining local and national attention.  Recently, Blue & Yellow Logic has made arrangements to develop gardens at the home of  Colorado Senator’s Michael Johnston and The Seanse-Elyri  Aquaphonic Grown House Project  in order to provide free organic food to the community.

Roseanne Barr, Organic Farmer? Cha.

Well, I think this is just great… though it’s, like, triple ironic that it’s a “nut farm.”

Remember Roseanne Barr, the sometimes outrageous comedian and former TV star? Well, now she’s a full-fledged farmer.

That’s right. Roseanne, now 58-years-old, has a 50-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii where she spends her days farming and writing with her life-partner, Johnny… [Read the Rest]

Sweet Spinach and Winter Gardens

I was reading NPR today and found an article about a food program initiative on educating youngins about health. As you may know, Michelle Obama has made childrens’ nutritional health one of her top priorities and is therefore invited the Share Our Strength program to peruse the white house winter gardens and to get a kitchen lesson from the White House Chef (the bald cat). Check out “Kids Taste A Sweeter Veggie, White House Style” via the NPR webpage.

I learned all sorts of ninjarish facts, for instance how spinach tastes sweeter when grown at colder temperatures. In short, I really liked the article.

Apparently, there are a whole bunch of greens that can be grown in colder (all the way down to freezing-ass) temperatures with the help of a cold-frame (pictured below) and a little patience. The fact that the First L. is down for this ish is ICE COLD. That’s good, I mean, like… it’s awesome. One of the best articles I read today was about winter gardening in Colorado. I’m not going to go into detail here but, checkachecka check it out!

UNDERCOVER: Gardening in Colorado throughout winter in a cold frame” (via Front Range Living)