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The Most Polluted City?

I came across this article while reading i09 detailing in photos one of the most polluted sites on the earth, a town in Russia called Karabash (also the name of a breed of dog).

I’m not posting this to depress you, which I’m sure I will accomplish by posting this, but more because it reminds me of all those Star Trek episodes where they land on a planet and fruitlessly scan for signs of life. “This planet is almost completely dead, Captain.”

a la…


In 1910, the Karabashmed copper smelter opened at the foot of the Ural Mountains. By 1916, it was producing one third of Russia’s copper. Unfortunately for the 15,700 residents of Karabash, copper smelting has gradually destroyed the land and air. The plant has long pumped derivatives from lead, sulfur, arsenic, and copper into the air, with no clean-up processes attempted. Not only is the air toxic — eye-stinging and hard to breathe — it also brings down acid rain, destroying the soil and thinning the once-dense forest with lifeless bald patches. (Source)

For the whole story and a gallery of pictures, check out the article (which is also the source of all quoted text and pics).

We’re still following that gyre, and yes, that is a bird full of plastic: “What happened to that disposable Solo cup—the one you used once at a work party—after you tossed it into the garbage? For that matter, what happens to any of the countless plastic products (shopping bags, coffee stirrers, water bottles, etc.) we use and then discard on a daily basis? Of course, conventional plastic doesn’t readily biodegrade; so where is it now? If you live in North America or Asia, there’s a chance that cup is trapped in a broad ocean current, known as a gyre, in the middle of the northern Pacific Ocean along with an untold number of other pieces of litter in what has been named the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” Read the interview with Gyre photographer Chris Jordan.  Or just check out his work.

Living Like Hobbitses

Yo, ninjas, what’s good? Me? Breaking wood and taking it to the hood, baby. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you to check out this joint I found about “Earth Sheltered Dwellings.”

These things are cheap, efficient, GREEN-as-all-hell, and, this being the most serious upside, they look like hobbit houses. Basically, the idea is you construct yourself a little home in a hole in the ground and just chill out and reap the benefits.  If you want 25 reasons to choose an earth sheltered home, follow the obvious link.

If you wanna learn how to do it yourself (and see some kinda-sick pictures like the ones in this post), have at it here.

earth sheltered homie

This earth sheltered home thing is, in a nutshell, the same as what the skunks do all year in my fenced off compost bin. And we all know that skunks are the ninjas of the rodent family. Word up!