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Cardboard Zen

The Zen Table, from cardboarddesign, is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. Constructed from honeycomb-shaped corrugated cardboard, the table is extremely durable, and the adhesives used to hold it together are all natural. The illest ones have been custom decorated. Go get one for 105 buckaroos, and make sure you check out the rest of the eco-friendly stuff that cardboardesign is droppin’ on the streets.

Zen Table

via treehugger

Another super fast electric car

There is the Tesla Roadster

and the Eliica

and the Wrightspeed X1
And now, the 640+hp electric-hybrid Mini cooper. The PML Mini QED has a top speed of 150mph and can reach 60mph from a standstill in only 4.5 seconds. All the power comes from a small gasoline engine in conjuction with four 160hp electric motors (one in each wheel). The car can operate in an all-electric mode with a range of 250 miles, or in hybrid mode, with a range of 932 miles and fuel economy of 80mpg. Check it out

Also scope this article on hybrids in Formula One

Still think electric cars aren’t cool???

Merging the Worlds

“Quite simply the analogy would be, you know, you walk to the top of the hill and you walk up, and to the bottom of the hill- but in doing so you have gained energy. It really is that simplistic.”

A declaration from Steorn, an Irish company that claims to have created a new law of physics- true conservation of energy. Storming into fragile waters, they have decided to challenge scientists in an ad in the Economist to prove that their technology is faulty.

Watch their proclamation- video from Steorn