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Reality: Clean Coal by the Coen Bros.

You may have seen this spot on the tellie recently – I saw it last night watching something embarassing like Hardball with Chris Matthews… but I had no idea it was the Coen brothers until I was informed by our ninjas at the We campaign. 


Plus a behind the scenes look at possible new spots on the way:


.: sign up -> We Can Solve It

.: there is no such thing as clean coal -> This Is Reality

Back to Bean & Green

I’m back!  Don’t know if anyone reading this missed me, but I have finally returned to my real life from my 8/9 month stint in Texas.  I say my real life because my life in Tejas was…surreal at the best of times, soul sucking at the worst.  BUT, contrary to popular northeastern-elitist belief, this was only partially due to my actual geographic location.  As much as I love to hate Texas, I have to admit that I have returned to Boston with a little bit of love for the larger-than-life state.  What can I say, all that Texan pride rubbed off on me a teeny tiny bit.  I maintain my stance on the environmental shortcomings that I experienced in my region (see comments in this post), but let’s be real: there is more to life than the environment (wait, what?  That is a fundamentally flawed statement, but you know what I am saying…), and it’s not like we are perfect up here either.  Bottom line, Texans are welcoming, friendly, prouder than hell, and fun fun fun.  I’m going to leave it at that.

Much love, good to be back, hope to have some good greenery coming to you.  Oh, and thanks to Mr. Ock for keeping up with some green posting…scantily clad ladies & all.