Monthly Archives: January 2009

Genetically Modified Food – Documentary


It’s Monday again, and it’s time for a documentary. I haven’t watched this one, but as a caveat, sometimes I worry that people have the wrong conception of science. Though it makes sense to worry about the healthfulness of what you eat, I do find that some people tend to go overboard without a true understanding of the issues at hand. To say that humans have not been “genetically modifying” their food in a certain sense, since agriculture and husbandry, would display a certain level of naiveté. After all, that’s the reason that all our crops haven’t blighted and all our animals haven’t died, on one hand, in regards to selective breeding. However, with all that said, I’m not trying to eat scientifically altered food without knowing whether or not it’s safe for me and my chil’lens. Either way, somebody let me know if this documentary is worth its salt, or I’ll watch it later tonight.