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Greenstart : Fast Cleantech

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We’re impatient. The energy crisis is urgent and we want to start making a difference as soon as we can.

Cleantech has been labeled as slow and capital inefficient – known for its startups taking tens of millions of dollars and five years or more before being market ready. The results have often been binary, a big success or a total failure. Waiting years and investing millions before getting validation just isn’t the pathway Greenstart is focused on.

Instead, we seek startups that can prove themselves quickly and with far less capital. These “Fast Cleantech” companies meet the following criteria:

• The product or service must either expand the use of clean energy or reduce the use of dirty energy.
• A prototype of the startup’s product or service is already completed or can be completed within six weeks using less than $25,000 and with only the founders as employees.
• The founders are enthusiastic about sharing the prototype with actual customers and flexible enough to make quick changes to it and/or the business model based on the feedback received.
• If the startup is not already producing revenue when it’s accepted to Greenstart, it has a strong likelihood of producing revenue within six months.

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