Green.mnp is a member of the myninjaplease blog network. Founded in Fall ’06, we strive to bring you content from around the world wide web that pertains to renewable energy and the environment. We report on emerging and existing technologies, climate change, scientific and economic analyses, and political and market developments. Our hope is that green.mnp earns itself a prominent place in your bookmarks folder and becomes your one-stop-shop for all “green” news.

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Jessie P.: Jessie is a process engineer with a B.S. in chemical engineering from Tufts University, where her research was focused on biodiesel synthesis and fuel cell catalysis. She is also helping her dad design an energy neutral ‘straw bale’ house that they will build in New Mexico sometime in the near future, whenever her mom decides to retire.

Jesse G.: Jesse is currently a Junior at Tufts University where he is majoring in Environmental Studies and History. He is also active in the Tufts Energy Security Initiative, and works with Second Nature, a group that focuss on sustainability and environmental issues in higher education. Jesse hopes to enter the renewable energy industry in a to-be-determined fashion upon graduation.

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