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Greening The New Republic

So I realize that most of you probably know more about the ‘green’ movement, ‘sustainability’, global warming, etc, than the average reader of The New Republic – but I still thought these videos were worth checking out. Especially when Majora Carter is involved – as she is a ninja extraordinaire.

::videos via The New Republic‘s Environment + Energy section::

2008 Dwell Wacom Live Ecodesign Challenge


On Friday, June 6th [yeah, we slept - my fault] Dwell held the 2008 Dwell Wacom Live Ecodesign Challenge – challenging 8 rendering artists to create renderings of sustainable + modular room designs. Yes, LIVE – the artists competed in two 45 minute rounds as spectators watched their progress on large displays positioned throughout the event space. The designs were required to adhere to the Dwell design principals: relying on green technologies for energy efficiencies, featuring plenty of natural light and color, restricting building costs to under $300K and limiting total square footage to 3,000 sq ft.

The judges selected the winner who ranked the highest for both rounds based on aesthetics, light, flow, eco-friend efficiency, layout and cost parameters: Olek Novak-Zemplinski.


Olek’s entry was, for starters, siiick [look at these images, done in two 45 minute session? My ninjas, please], and met the Dwell area + budget requirements – but also utelized the following sustainable features:

Passive Lo-Tech Energy Saving Solutions:
* a wind catcher for ventilation and cooling
* greenery on walls for better insulation

* living spaces on 2nd floor (more light)
* bedrooms on the 1st floor
* home office (2nd floor)
* greenhouse integrated into the roof and attic
* a goat (lives here)


Here’s some more info on the competition, and the contestants + judges.

[sustainable] Music to my ears…

Yes yes, folks…
While sitting back in the cut meditating, I’m always listening to some brain stimulus. Now I can be environmentally friendly while I’m doing so.


Audioengine makes a new version of their A5 speaker system with the sustainable wonder wood – bamboo [though technically a grass?]. The A5N‘s casing comes from all sustainable sources and lacks and stains or paints that would otherwise negate its environmentally friendliness. Also, all Energy Star audiophiles need not worry, cause these little ditties meet standard requirements with an automatic standby mode.

Like the predecessor A5, the A5N has onboard an integrated USB port and AC jack specifically for charging your iPod or connecting an AirPort Express to it for your Mac.

::Post by Dubs – info from Macworld Magazine contributor Dan Frakes::