Savage Worms: Week 5 (post Red Sox mania)

We have happy worms this week. Not a one of ‘em was crawling up the side trying to escape. We even found a little baby worm (in the foreground). Cutie.


And an ever-more disgusting scrap bin. If you did not believe me about the smell, maybe the fungal growth will convince you:


We’re going to try feeding the worms more frequently, since they seem healthy (for the most part…) and happy. Hopefully they will eat more and help us get rid of all the crap, i mean scraps. Their appetites seem hearty, as you can see by the avocado pit below that they have been licking clean:


Alas, we found another dead worm. This time the little guy was in the bin and looked strangely dehydrated:

If you’re new to green.mnp, read up on the (brief but fascinating) history of our Savage Worms!

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