Savage Worms: Weeks 6 & 7

Welcome to another Savage Monday! So, not only did we not feed our worms twice a week, like we said we would in Week 5, but we did not even feed them once in the two weeks following Week 5. What is worse, we left the worms out in the laundry room with the porch door wide open all night (oops) during the first night of really cold weather this season. But let me tell you, we have some gangster worms! They are still going strong and pooping up a storm (this won’t be that surprising to seasoned vermicomposters). There is about 1/2″ to 1″ of castings lining the bottom of our worm bin, and growing. Speaking of growing, there are sprouts of some kind popping up in the poo, despite the coldness. I can’t wait to see what the bin will look like during the summer.


And yes, the food bin still smells like s&!#. But the worms love it, so what can we do. Andrea came up with a new defensive method, until we start afresh with our scraps.


Savage Worms Archive, check it out.

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