Savage Worms: Week 1

OK ninjas – Monday is going to be the official the Savage Worms Journal Day on green.mnp. Every Monday I will fill you in on the progress of our vermicomposting adventure. Here is the first installation:

Wednesday, 7/19/07
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Andrea’s worms! This evening Andrea picked up a stack of (free) newspapers at the T stop to cut up as bedding for the bin. She filled the bin about half way with strips of the papers. Now all our vermicompost needs is worms…


Thursday, 7/20/07
The worms have arrived! Courtney was the first home today and noticed the small package addressed to Andrea waiting out on our porch in the sun. She was concerned that the worms were baking in their little box. I thought for sure the package was too small to hold 1,000 worms. Both of us were wrong. When Andrea (finally!) got home she opened the box and there they were – 1,000 squirmy worms. Andrea then sprayed the newspaper in the worm bin with water until it was the dampness of ‘a wrung out sponge,’ and carefully transferred the worms (which she said felt like ground-meat…) from the paper bag they came in to the bin. We have to give them a few days to settle in before we start feeding them. Goodnight wormies!


Friday, 7/21/07
We peeked at the worms today to see how they were doing. Though most of them were burrowed beneath the strips of paper, there were a few crawling up to the lid of the bin. Andrea explained that this is a sign the worms might not be happy. They could be unhappy if there is too much moisture in their bedding, if they are hungry, or it may just be that they need more time to settle into their new home. One good sign though – they are actively pooping!

Saturday, 7/22/07
Today we decided to feed the worms a bit to see if that would make them happier. Andrea dug two little holes in the newspaper on opposite corners from each other and filled them with about 1/2 a cup of of the food scraps we have been saving up. They got a good mix of fruits, veggies, tea leaves, fallen leaves from our plants and some crunchy egg shells.

Sunday, 7/23/07
We don’t want to disturb the worms too much, but it seems like they have calmed down a bit – at least they are not trying to escape anymore.


That is all for this week. Check here to see the first Savage Worms vermicomposting post with links to a bunch of good vermicomposting resources.

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